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Spring/Summer 2018

The Gait Keepers

Hope After Hip Replacement

During her lengthy career as a preschool teacher and early childhood educator, Terry Fierle, 67, was surrounded by toddlers. She never tired of watching them expand their worlds as they learned how to walk—charmed by their shuffling wide-legged steps and determined, but unsteady, progress across a room. 

The Art

of Parkinson's

As a successful dentist, Stephen Andreason’s hands were perhaps his most reliable tool, and when he picked up oil painting as a hobby in the 1980’s, he found them to be just as dependable.

Master of

Spine Arts

Kate Edwards, a 57-year-old labor and delivery nurse, can’t recall the exact moment when her neck began to hurt, but it became hard to ignore in 2015. What she does recall is that it began as moderate pain, which she was able manage with over-the-counter medicine.

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16th Annual Fall Gala

Balboa Bay Resort  •  10.27.18  •  6 pm

Join Us! Mako® Open House

Tuesday, June 26 , 3 - 5 pm
Orange Coast Health & Wellness Pavilion,
Conference Center

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Playing It Safe

This Summer

In Southern California, it’s hard not to look forward to carefree summer days with friends and family, but are you prepared for some of the unexpected mishaps that can happen? There are a few safety tips MemorialCare Medical Group wants you to consider!

We Are Here When

You Need Us Most

In the ten years between January 2008 and December 2017, Orange Coast Medical Center experienced a 42 percent increase in emergency room visits. Today, we treat over 36,000 individuals annually in our Emergency Department. That’s an average of over 96 patients a day, all in the same space that we had when we first opened our doors to the community.

That is why we have engaged in a major expansion of our Emergency Department. The result will be a beautiful new Emergency Pavilion that will be more than twice the size of our current facility. With bedside registration, private treatments suites and “fast track” stations to facilitate rapid medical evaluations, our new Emergency Pavilion will provide convenient access to life-saving care.

To help ensure the availability of advanced 24/7 emergency care now, and for generations to come, please consider making a tax-deductible online gift today by clicking here or call the Orange Coast Medical Center Foundation at 714.378.7397.

Making a Difference

Championing Care of
Diabetes and Hypertension

Edinger Medical Group was honored as the only medical group in Orange County to receive awards for exceptional care of both diabetes and hypertension by California’s Right Care Initiative. Edinger ranked as one of the top three compared to all California medical groups for both controlling blood pressure and optimizing blood sugars—each important factors in preventing cardiovascular complications. Edinger accepted the awards at the RCI’s 10th Annual Summit held at UC Berkeley. The Right Care Initiative is a non profit collaborative effort of leading medical experts that recognizes outstanding care to improve California patient outcomes. Edinger Medical Group works hard, caring for their patients and are proud to be recognized for the care they provide. To learn more about Edinger Medical Group, please visit their website by clicking here.

Did you know?



Californians die yearly from heart attacks, strokes and diabetic complications.

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