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Fall 2018

A top thoracic surgeon performs a right lung lobectomy on Muriel 

Smaller Incisions.

Greater Precision.

Muriel “Mimi” Wygren, 76, is a self-proclaimed movie buff, but her greatest source of entertainment is her 26-year-old parrot named Cleo. A Black-headed Caique (pronounced “kai-eke”), Cleo has a personality not unlike that of her owner: funny, talkative and very outgoing.

No Cell

Left Unturned

It started with a summer cold and accompanying cough, but as her illness worsened to include a fever and night sweats, Beverly McDougall, 67, decided to visit her family doctor.

Getting Ahead

of Cancer

Symptoms and a screening save Bryan’s life

Bryan Bromley has a loving wife, three dogs, a collection of vintage motorcycles and even a Tiki bar in his home – a tribute to his late grandfather who was a skilled Polynesian entertainer. A healthy, strong 47-year-old, Bryan was a less than likely candidate for what would turn out to be colorectal cancer. 

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16th Annual Fall Gala

Balboa Bay Resort  •  10.27.18  •  6 pm


Fly a Kite for a Cause

Sunday, November 18  •  Huntington Beach

The sky’s the limit when we all come together to fight lung cancer. The MemorialCare Cancer Institute at Orange Coast Medical Center, in partnership with the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation, will host this benefit event on the sand in Huntington Beach. Join us to decorate a kite and fly it in honor of a survivor, or for a loved one living with or who has passed from lung cancer.

Q&A: Breast Cancer

and Genetics

As the human genome continues to reveal its secrets, scientists continue to identify rare genetic mutations that may be responsible for an increased risk of breast and other cancers. In recognition of MemorialCare Orange Coast Medical Center’s 20th year delivering comprehensive breast care, we asked Maggie McDuffee, M.S., L.C.G.C., genetic counselor, to answer some of our questions.

Open Enrollment:

What's Best for You?

During the 2018 open enrollment season, we want you to choose what’s best for you. From convenient care that’s close to home, to quality care with award-winning doctors, by choosing MemorialCare, you get it all, including our leading hospitals, specialists, and primary care providers, with more than 200 locations across the Southland.


to Edinger Medical Group's Physician Champions of Care

We are excited to recognize all 10 internal and family practice physicians with Edinger Medical Group who were recently recognized as Champions of Care! Congratulations to all of the awardees for their dedication to their practice and for providing compassionate care to their patients.  


To learn more about how you can honor someone as a Champion of Care, please visit or call 714.378.7808.

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